Follow the “Rule of 3”

Lack of focus and direction can be costly. So it’s not surprising that journaling and reflection are a regular part of most high achievers’ routines.

To simplify the act, I’ve adopted what I call the “Rule of 3”.

There are 2 major categories in my life that I constantly try to grow: my personal relationships and my professional growth. To help keep these goals top of mind, every night I write down the top 3 things I want t accomplish for each category. These can be simple tasks (buy flowers for my wife) or something a little more arduous (cold email 10 prospects). At the end of the day, I cross of anything I’ve accomplished add additional items so I’m always keeping 3 major tasks in mind for my day ahead.

The power of this simple practice comes from focusing my efforts. My time and energy aren’t being spread thin, but rather targeted very specifically at the things that are most important to me.

As you approach your own goals, take this basic action into consideration. The power of focus may well help you exponentially grow your outcomes.

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